About Us

We have always looked at being a server as the ultimate sales job – nearly commission only (e.g., tips) - and a huge part of what makes the restaurant the restaurant. However, we noticed there was not much help for the professionals that work so hard in this line of work. Yeah, we found an article or two on how to get more tips once in a blue moon. There just did not seem to be a systematic way to empower food & beverage professionals to earn more money, respect and career advancement. From this line of thinking, I Like My Waitress was born.

We believe that waiters, waitresses and bartenders are powerful representatives for the restaurant – and an even more potent part of the individual dining experience. Great service can outshine mediocre food or a less than perfect atmosphere. Bad or even just below average service can ruin even the most pristine meal and night out. We wanted to make something that could help encourage even better service from our favorite servers and give this important segment of the USA workforce even more reasons to shine.

I Like My Waitress is more than an app – it is a productivity tool that caters to diners, servers and restaurant owners & managers. It’s a social network that connects these three groups in a very engaging manner.

I Like My Waitress lets servers build their own personal brand and book of business. It lets diners engage with their favorite restaurants and servers on a very personal level. It lets restaurateurs gain deeper insights into their businesses and drive more revenue.