For Diners

  • Find a great restaurant AND a GREAT server
    A great meal can be ruined by a bad server. Before you choose that restaurant that looks good and book your reservation, you can use I Like My Waitress to see who is working tonight and their track record. Once you find one that you know will deliver a top notch experience (on top of the great food, of course), send a follow request and let that person know you are coming to see them tonight.
  • Follow and rate your favorite servers
    Give your preferred servers the recognition they deserve with a great rating – and don’t be shy about doing the opposite for ones that do not meet your expectations.
  • Get personalized savings & deals
    Your favorite server may start to treat you like his or her favorite customer. In addition to getting informed of specials and coupons, maybe you will be so lucky for your favorite server to invite you in and offer up your favorite appetizer or drink for free.

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