For Managers

I Like My Waitress assists you in empowering your staff like never before and can help with finding the right person to fill your open shifts.

  • Personalized Promotions
    Your best customers are right under your nose and odds are, your servers are talking to them and know them more than you do. Empower your staff with personalized coupons and savings targeted to the specific customer.
  • Empower Your Servers
    Turn your servers into your outside salesforce. When you encourage your staff to spread the word about your restaurant and your special offers, everyone wins. Customers get introduced to your place and your special deals – your servers fill up their shifts with tables and earn more tips – and of course, you drive more revenue.
  • Deep Customer Insights
    Understand more about who comes to your restaurant, when and why – along with what your customers really think about your staff and your venue.
  • Recruiting Help
    Post your job openings as well as browse profiles of applicants to really see how they stack up to that letter of recommendation or application submitted.

We offer a free version as well as a paid, premium version to restaurant owners and managers. If you are ready to learn more, please contact us or register as a restaurateur.