For Servers

I Like My Waitress gives you the tools you need to become more successful at your career today and tomorrow.

  • Promote Your Shifts
    On your profile, you can specify where and when you are working. This lets your loyal followers and customers know when they can come in and see you.
  • Build a Loyal Customer Base
    Spread the word and deliver great service and your customers will definitely want to see when you are working next and when they can come in for a great dining experience again. The more actively you build your base of customers, the more likely it is they will come in to see you again.
  • Distribute Exclusive Deals
    Give your preferred customers the personalized deals they want and need based on the preferences you know about them.
  • Advance Your Career
    Turn your high ratings and loyal follower base into negotiating power when asking for a raise, promotion or applying for another job.

To create your professional profile, download the app for free from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store.